Create contact event subscription



This endpoint is deprecated and should not be used for any new features.

Please use the new /api/v2/subscriptions/* endpoints instead.

This endpoint documentation will be archived on Feb 01 2022.

This is the legacy contact event subscription endpoint. For the creation of anynew contact event subscription, we recommend using the new endpoint api/v2/subscriptions/contact which is under the subscriptions menu on the left sidebar of this page.

Creates an contact event subscription for your company. Contact events, including creation,
update and deletion, will be sent to the provided URL. Be aware that only shared contacts are supported for event subscriptions now.Each subscription should be created with an id in the URL,
which can be used to get and delete the subscription in the future. If a secret is provided,
contact events will be encoded and signed in the JWT format using the shared secret with the HS256 algorithm. The JWT payload should be decoded and the signature verified to ensure that the event came from Dialpad. If no secret is provided, unencoded events will be sent in the JSON format. It is recommended to provide a secret so that you can verify the authenticity of the event.

Added on May 1, 2020 for API v2.

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