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Agent Status Events (call_center_ids)

Hello, I was hoping to get some clarification on the agent status events. In the documentation under call_center_ids it reads "A list of call centers to which the agent is currently on duty." and further goes on to mention that once an agent becomes unavailable, the call center in question will no longer be in the array of ids. However, there is also a field named on_duty_status which is causing some confusion for me.

  • If this event is raised and a call_center_id is not present, that means the agent is not on duty at that call center, correct?

  • If the on_duty_status is unavailable but there are call_center_ids present, does this mean the agent IS available for the listed call centers, but not for the others (which are not listed)? I assume this means I'd need to call the GET User API to determine which specific call centers are affected.

  • Regarding availability_status, I understand a user is considered unavailable if they are set to Do Not Disturb. If they change their DND setting for the call center, will the agent status event be triggered? What if they change their main line's DND setting, as I understand that would also block incoming call center calls?

Thank you very much!