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Zappier integration

I would like dialpad call a new lead every time I get a new lead on my google sheets and the call gets transfer to me. Please help

Send An SMS Using The Numbers In Google Sheets

I have 52 clients to send sms to every week. I have DialPad Pro. How can I use google app script to detect the name in column A of the google sheet and their corresponding phone number in column B to automate a text messages (that includes their name)? I have tried many times and I keep getting errors.

Don't have sufficient permissions

Hi There, Good day! I want to create a record-shared link using the API and the webhook returned the record id when I tried to create a record-shared link using the API it return a 403 error with the message "You don't have sufficient permissions to create recording share link for this item." and the value for "was_recorded" is true so it recorded the call. - Why I'm getting this error "You don't have sufficient permissions to create recording share link for this item."?

Call Event Json Body

I created an event subscription for all call types. Will the body parameter of the call event be the same across all events in terms of structure or is there differences. For example would an eavesdrop call event have the same body structure as a pickup or hangup

API - Getting the status of a stats request results in failed without any other explanation

I am attempting to get calls using the https://dialpad.com/api/v2/stats post method to generate a report and then using the https://dialpad.com/api/v2/stats/<id> to get the status of the report with the download link. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn't. The code that is running is exactly the same each time. When it doesn't work all I get is a status of failed. Is there something else that I can query to see why it failed or why would it fail? Thanks in advance

Please prioritize Dark Mode.

It's the only app we use that is stuck in bright white. I see numerous requests for it and over a year ago it was "on the back burner"

Default target for event subscriptions

Do event subscriptions by default target the company if the target is not filled in

Call Transcript API determine the speaker?

We are doing feasibility on our new system development internally. We’re currently in the PoC phase, testing whether we can meet the client’s needs with DialPad functions. Can the API Call Transcript -- Get well determine the speaker?

Integration - Account Configuration vs API calls

Hello, We are working on integrating Dialpad with our application. While this can be done via the APIs provided, we were wondering if it would be possible to configure the integration at the account level directly to receive call start and call end events, rather than doing this via APIs on an individual user basis. Thank you, Tina

Response to webhock with not 2xx code

What is the main mechanism of handling not 2xx code as a response to the webhook? Will that webhook be retried?