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Error calling the screen pop API

I'm getting this error when calling the screen pop API: User xxxx is not in experiment screen_pop_api How do I enable this feature? And I'm working in the sandbox, will the same process work in production? Thanks.....

Sending sms from a call state change

Hello I am using Zapier to access api to send a sms when a call state change with a disposition and it won't give me the external number that was called. please help

Can we access SMS messages details from the API?

I am trying to retrieve a list of SMS messages we received via Dialpad APIs. Is that possible? I tried stats with the following. ``` { "export_type": "records", "stat_type": "texts", "timezone": "UTC", "is_today": true } ``` but that doesn't work (status: 401, message: No access to text records, only stats). Is it possible to access the SMS "attachment" via the API, for example someone sends us a SMS message with a picture and we would like to automate retrieving the picture and saving it in our system, can we do that via the Dialpad API?

Unable to Generate API Key

I'm on a PRO plan and unable to generate an API key. Any ideas if this is a bug or another issue?

Can I assign a contact to a Department when using the API?

Hi I am using the API to create a contact, can I assign it to a Department or at least assign some type of tag or group?

How get the "recording" call event?

I'm trying to read the "recording" call event payload from Dialpad API. But for any reason it does not trigger even when [all is correctly configurated](https://help.dialpad.com/docs/enable-office-wide-call-recording) (all "enable recordings" configs are actived). This is the request that i done to create the call event: { "call_states": ["all"], "enabled": true, "endpoint_id": null, "group_calls_only": false, "target_id": null, "target_type": null, "webhook_id": ############## } And it works, but the "recording" call event never shows up. What can i do?

Sending SMS from a specific number of a call centre

I have a call centere where there are currently 5 registered phone numbers ["+1855...”, "+1786...", "+1512...", "+1617...", "+1917...”] each being associated with a different US State (with the exception of the 1-855). When we send an SMS to a client we would like to use the number belonging to their state so that all future communications are from a local number. However, each time we try to send a test SMS, it gets sent from the same phone number: "+178...”. I was told this is because that phone number is the first number in the list that can send an SMS (since the 1-855 can’t send texts), and so Dialpad defaults to that. So far we have tried sending the SMS via API and via Pabbly Connect where the **from_number** was set to : "+1917...” . Is there a way to force Dialpad to use a specific number from the call center list when sending an SMS?

New Hire 403 Code

Hi One of our new hires recives a 403 error code when trying to log into dialpad

Launch Dialpad App or CTI with specific Contact open

I'm looking to have a button on my website that open a specific contact in the dialpad app. The only information I could find on this is in <https://developers.dialpad.com/docs/app-launch-urls>, which has limited documentation. What I'm looking to do is have a chat button that opens the dialpad app to a specific contact for sending messages. Similarly, I would like a button that opens the CTI within my website, with a specific contact chat in the CTI when it gets opened. How can I achieve this?

How do I find what type of ID the owner_id for a contact is?

I have a contact with id 5811071000657920 and owner_id 6202606810464256. I got the contact id from a call event that I received via webhook. I got the owner_id by utilizing the contact get API. I've tried looking up that owner_id using the users get API, departments get API, call router get API, and office get API. I've also compared it to the company id. None of those match this owner_id. How do I figure out the owner of this contact?