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Stats API Avg Wrap Up time

Is there a way to get average wrap up time using the API for stats? I'm using this URL for testing, I have so far been unable to get a csv with the "avg_wrapup_time", not sure what the correct configuration is supposed to be <https://developers.dialpad.com/docs/stats-api-dialpad-analytics>

How do I send sms messages from our main line phone number via api?

I'm getting a 404 response when I try to send an sms message from our main line. I'm using a fully provisioned API key, but it claims that the mainline user cannot be found. Has anyone had experience getting this to work?

Get Call Transcript API Permission?

I am trying to use the call Transcript API and I am not able to complete the request. I get a 404 error saying "not found or cannot be accessed due to insufficient permissions". The API key is corrent and I am trying multiple different call IDs with the same result. I have maxed all the permissions in the admin portal for this api key. Is there a hidden setting to turn on or does support have to turn it on?

Is there any limit to receive call events data via webhooks

Hi I am just wondering is there any limit on the call event data that we receive thru webhooks Thanks Vivek <br /> <br />

CTI Dark Theme

It would be great if the CTI Dialer had the option to set a dark theme, when it is integrated into apps or pages that are dark.

Call event - ringing clarification

For example, I have a department with 3 assigned operators and a ringing webhook state setup. If someone calls the main department line, it will create 4 separate ringing states (one for the department and one for each operator)? If someone calls a operator directly to their assigned phone number, it will only create a single ringing state for that user only? Are the assumptions above correct? Thank you.

Call Summary in API?

I would love to see the after call summary and action items added to the API to be able to export these into different CRM's as customer interaction notes. Any plans to something like this added in the near future?

Error message when sending texts

User getting this error message when sending text: "Message not sent. Retry?" Error message when sending texts.

duty_status_reason column missing from API response

Till yesterday we had duty_status_reason in USERS API response <https://dialpad.com/api/v2/users> Now we see that the column is missing. Can we know if there are any backend changes made in this API ? A similar change was made in the past too which caused failures in our data pipeline <https://developers.dialpad.com/discuss/663a3864dddb35005b3bd58c>

customData in app launch urls

I am implementing an app launch url with the customData parameter. My first question is how to pass multiple values using that parameter. I assumed json, so that's what I tested. Second, I am receiving webhook calls successfully, except for the calls that are initiated by the app launch url. They appear in the call logs, but I don't get the webhook. One example is id: 5625766333202432 Thanks for any insights, Stephan