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SMS Message ID different for inbound from outbound for same message- how to match?

Less of a technical question, more of a best practice. I have just set up an SMS webhook where I'll be logging SMS messages. I have a both directions type event so that I can see messages going to and from external numbers. The issue I have is with duplicate logging of internal messages. I get a webhook event when User A sends the message and another when User B receives it. Before I set things up, I saw that each message had an ID, which led me to believe that I could use this to identify unique messages and avoid duplicate entries into the database. Unfortunately the same message has a different ID when it's sent to when it's received. Obviously the situation get's worse when it's a group message. What's the suggested approach to matching an outbound webhook SMS message event with the inbound event for the same message when there's no matching ID? Is it to match the sender ID and message text in last 5 seconds?

Webhook secret

I have a webhook set up to send SMS messages to my application. The webhook has a secret. I'm receiving these, but they don't appear to be encoded with the secret I set up. I found a one-line PHP script online that is: print_r(json_decode(base64_decode(str_replace('_', '/', str_replace('-','+',explode('.', $token)[1]))))); which outputs the decoded json message item. It looks like the message is just sent in base64_encoded format rather than encrypted as I expected it to be. This is the webhook, which includes a secret which I've hashed out: { "items": [ { "hook_url": "[domain]/index.php?option=com_smsarchive&task=receiveSMS&output=raw&coid=43", "id": "XXXXXXXX785856", "signature": { "algo": "HS256", "secret": "XXXXXXXXX", "type": "jwt" } } ] } I should mention, I'm in the sandbox, I don't suppose this is a limiation of the sandbox?

Webhook event not triggering when I send SMS

I have set up a webhook and an event for both directions for all of the organisation in the sandbox. Using the ListWebhooks and ListEvents API methods, everything looks in order to me. { "items": [ { "direction": "all", "enabled": true, "id": "XXXXXXXXX9376128", "webhook": { "hook_url": "[domain]/index.php?option=com_smsarchive&task=receiveSMS&output=raw&coid=43", "id": "XXXXXXXX785856", "signature": { "algo": "HS256", "secret": "XXXXXXXXXX", "type": "jwt" } } } ] } { "items": [ { "hook_url": "[domain]/index.php?option=com_smsarchive&task=receiveSMS&output=raw&coid=43", "id": "XXXXXXXX785856", "signature": { "algo": "HS256", "secret": "XXXXXXXXX", "type": "jwt" } } ] } But sending messages doesn't trigger the event to my webhook uri. It has worked just 2 random times, and I can't see any pattern with the two times it has worked, and I can't get it to work reliably. I assume I can just send myself messages (or between my personal Dialpad number and the Office main number). Can someone check my setup and figure out why these webhooks events are not being triggered? My API key for the sandbox ends in fQDJ5Gvr and I've left the final digits of the webhook id and event id in case they are useful. The account is linked to the email address below.

Error connection aborted

when performing a get API request, i am getting an error. Can you please let me know what is the issue and how to fix it? Error: ('Connection aborted.', TimeoutError(110, 'Connection timed out'))

SMS message send failture and status

Hi, Is there way to see if an SMS message was successfully sent via the API? I noticed that when you send an SMS message, you get a `"message_status": "pending"` but I wasn't sure how to check to see if it was successfully sent.

Stats Get Result

is_today option doesn't return any stats for voicemail

List of sent SMS messages

Hi, Which endpoint do I need to hit to get a list of sent SMS messages?

Rate limit in API response

Hi, Do you return a value on when you can retry again once you hit the API limit either in the response body or header?

Query if there is an active call

Hi Team! Just wondering what the best approach would be to 'get' if there is an active call with any agent in the company/call center at a given point in time. Would be at a rate of 6 per minute. Best, James

RE: Getting Call log Via API

Hello Team, I am looking for to get call log History from our account but unable to get it straight forward and also some of the article mentioned that I can get by ID but even there is a no clarification about how to get that ID to get specific call log data. Thank You! Dany