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Webhook for call router

Hi, Is it possible for one of your webhooks to notify when a caller selects a certain option? For example, I want to be notified that a caller selected X, and then have our backend trigger a chain of events.

How to get Dialpad SMS list?

Is there a way for me to get a list of user-wise sent SMS messages on Dialpad using the API without using Webhooks?

Websocket not working in sandbox (The api key is not valid or does not have access to this subscription.)

Hello, I'm trying to connect to a websocket, using sandbox credentials but I'm always getting a "The api key is not valid or does not have access to this subscription." response. I'm using the same key, after connecting I send the key as it is, something like: await ws.SendAsync(Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(apiConnection.AccessToken), WebSocketMessageType.Text, true); Is this a sandbox thing?

How non-admin OAUTH user get the callcenter name.

Hi. I'm using dialpad API with OAUTH. When I make a call with dialpad, I have to choose which callcenter to use. (api/v2/users/../initiate_call {group_id:[id],group_type:"callcenter"}) However, non-admin users cannot get callcenter names, so I can only display those IDs in the select box in my APP. (I can get callcenter IDs from own user info (users/me -> group_details)). Admin users can get names with API (callcenters/..), but non-admin users get 404. Can I(non-admin) get the name from the ID? Alternatively, can I get the callcenter ID from the admin's web page(e.g. https://dialpad.com/callcenters/...)? (without API)

Call Routing via API response URL

Hi team, When my webhook will receive a request from the Call Router, I need it to route the call to a specific user. I have two questions:- 1. To which URL do I need to send the response to? The URL from which I received the response from? Is any authentication or key required to be in the response? 2. For the action "route", the parameter "target_id" will be the ID of the user? Your help is greatly appreciated!

Use Dialpad API To create a mass text website

Morning, It seems that Dialpad only has the function to group text. I need mass texting that sends individually so my agents can get the replies individually. How can I utilize the dialpad login api and the dialpad api to create a website that my users can login to and add people from their contacts to send messages individually?

How can I get the shared contacts?

Hey there, I doing a GET request to https://dialpad.com/api/v2/contacts without providing owner_id and I get local contacts instead of SHARED CONTACTS. Can anybody help me?

"was_recorded": false

When I run a Call -- Get, I'm unable to get a response that has anything referencing a recording sharelink ID. Every call I run a Call -- Get, it returns "was_recorded": false in the JSON, even though I can go find the recording from our call history. Am I doing something wrong, or is this not working as intended?

Webhook timeout

Hello, We have a couple of questions: 1. What's the request timeout for webhook endpoints? 2. Are webhook requests retried under any circumstances? We couldn't find anything in the documentation related to either of these questions. Thank you.

Screen Pop API "User Not In Experiement"

We are implementing screen-pop functionality using the API call, however we are running into an error. The API token has the screen pop scope applied, and the user has the option enabled in the app. I think these are the only settings we have access to. I saw a previous thread where support did something on Dialpad's end to enable this experiment for their account? Just wondering the best way to get this turned on, thank you! { "error": { "code": 403, "errors": [ { "domain": "global", "message": "User ****************96 is not in experiment screen_pop_api", "reason": "forbidden" } ], "message": "User ****************96 is not in experiment screen_pop_api" } }