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Admin api

Hi is there different levels of admin. I’m an admin for my company but don’t seem to have the option to create an api key. I go into company but the api page isn’t there

SMS Not being received and status = "Pending"

Hi, I am working for one of my clients to setup automated text messages. When testing the texting to one of our phone numbers (actually tested multiple) the SMS did not come trough. The API response was "200" and successful but the message status was "pending" how can I make sure messages get received by the external phone number and change pending to successful?

desktop integration

I wanna create a desktop app to integrate with the dialpad desktop client, after reading the doc, I think Token Generation via OAuth approach is the way to go. But, How can I provide Redirect URIs (one per line) \* with localhost not allowed, do I need to host additional back-end service in order to do so, or there is another option for the desktop app integration

Sending a VCF file (vCard) via SMS/MMS

A VCF file is a contact card. For example, on an iPhone, you can open a contact card in the Contacts app and share it via Messages and then the recipient (iPhone, Android, or otherwise) will be able to add that contact to their own address book. The mime type is text/vcard and files sometimes have a .vcard extension rather than a .vcf extension. I was browsing the list of file types supported by MMS in Dialpad and VCF isn't one of them. I'm a little surprised. I would like to automate sending my business's vCard to people after they call the first time. That will make it more likely that they see the business name when they receive an incoming call. An example that works with Twilio's API is documented here: <https://www.twilio.com/blog/send-vcard-twilio-sms> Is there a way to do this with Dialpad's API? I currently use Make/Integromat to automate Dialpad, so my end goal will be to send the vCard using Make, but I'm fine using Python as a proof of concept. Side note: Dialpad understands what to do with vCards when they're received via a text message. The desktop app shows the fields and then offers an "Add Contact" button to add it to the address book as a new contact.

What API endpoint would we use to drive a few realtime KPIs on an internal dashboard?

We already have a call center dashboard internally that tracks all the various email/chat queues inbound and would like to add a couple tiles around dialpad callcenter current live calls, queue depth and callback requests. The dialpad dashboard has the data we need, but we were hoping to gather a few of these metrics via the API to put them in our own dashboard. I can't quite find an endpoint that gives me that data. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Where can I find the JWT when the webhook have a secret?

I'm using node with KoaJS and I'm trying to use a call event subscription, with secret and I can't find the JWT in the request received. When I create a webhook without secret, everything works well, but if I put a secret on the webhook i can't find the JWT. I looked for it on the body, headers, params of the request and seems it is not there. Did you have some example of decode or verify the request to me investigate what is happening? Thanks for the help!

API for Voicemail Drop

Is there any option in Dialpad API, to drop voicemail to caller if they dont pick the call? As part of our cold calls, we would like to leave a voice mail to the leads whom we call. Is it possible to do this through API? May be a recorded mp3 file in base64 format or through some other implementation?

Get Stats Request Expiry

Is there an expiry of a stats request? If so what is it? I have noticed that after generating the stats request and calling the get stats api after a while it give not found response. create stats request api - <https://dialpad.com/api/v2/stats> fetch stats api - <https://dialpad.com/api/v2/stats/{id}> it returns error : { "error": { "code": 404, "errors": [ { "domain": "global", "message": "Request with id {id} not found.", "reason": "notFound" } ], "message": "Request with id {id} not found." } } sometimes this gives error after 1 hours sometimes more.

How to fetch list of missed calls during specific time duration ?

I want to fetch missed calls data of only unknown numbers during a given period of time. Is there any API that is related to it ? Also, i want a JSON response and not a CSV files as work in Stats API.

Constantly getting 401 "unauthorized" when redeeming token

Hi. I am trying to implement OAuth, but when actually tring to redeem token using **code**, **client_id** and**client_secret** the response with **401** status code is returned with the message **Client must authenticate by a permitted method** I tried to figure out what could have potentially caused that but so far I have no clues.