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Stats -- Initiate Processing returns request_id fine but getting results varies

Tried C# and now PowerShell. Attempting to automate daily download of calls. Sending Invoke-WebRequest which returns request_id just fine (every time). Then use the request_id to get results...sometimes it only returns 200 "status": "processing" and other times it returns "download_url" as expected. When the "status": "processing" is returned, it of course bombs out the rest of the script which opens the download_url to save the file. Seems to be some issue on Dialpad's side. Any help is appreciated!

SMS from Toll-free number?

Is it possible to SMS from a Toll-free number? We're not seeing the option to SMS from the toll-free number we have in our account. Thanks!

Unexpected behavior with SMS when user does not have a number

Our account has numbers assigned to Call Centers, but individual users do not have numbers assigned. Within the Dialpad app, these users cannot send SMS to external numbers. The app has the message: "Messages to recipients outside of your company can only be sent from a call center." This makes sense, which is why the API's behavior was unexpected. While working with the API, I was surprised that it allows requests from these users to the `/sms` endpoint, messaging external numbers. The API returns a 200, indicating that the SMS has been sent successfully, when in fact it hasn't. Is there any way for me to know that these messages have failed?

DTMF Contacts for an Office.

I'm trying to add contacts through API, rather than thru the app to make it available for everyone in an office, but it doesn't accept commas. It will submit with only the number Use case is both for internal (different sites that's not on Dialpad), and contacts in other companies that have extensions.

Call Center List office_id not working

Hi! Really impressed with Dialpad. Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but it doesn't appear that the `office_id` parameter for the API's `/callcenters` endpoint is working. [Here are the docs](https://developers.dialpad.com/reference/callcenterslistall). I can pass any number in and I still get the same result. It's not searching by that ID. Am I missing something?

API key and webhook

Hi team, We have registered a webhook to receive all call logs on our API (relative path is `/api/v2/dial_pad_logs`) in 2019. Now we want to update that webhook call but unfortunately we do not have the api_key. How can I get all the API keys or transfer my webhook to new API key? Can you please help in this situation?

What is the UID for on a Contact?

In the contacts (v2) API, there is a PUT (aka "Create or Update") call which requires a UID in the body. The doc for the call describes the UID as "The unique id to be included as part of the contact's generated id." This makes it sound like the UID is not the actual ID but somehow controls the ID calculation. But in fact doing two consecutive PUTs with the same UID in the body does not update the contact created by the first call; the second call returns a contact with a new ID entirely. And using the ID of a contact in the UID of a PUT does not cause that contact to be updated, instead a new contact is created with a different ID. Also, there seems to be no way to fetch the UID that was uploaded in the body of a PUT call. So what exactly is the UID? And what is the difference between the PUT and POST calls for inserting new contacts? Is there any way to search for or update an existing contact by UID? (NOTE: I have only tested on Company contacts, not personal ones.)

Non SMS capable error

I'm receiving an error that my number is not SMS capable when it is... The number is +61485834373 { "error": { "code": 400, "errors": [ { "domain": "global", "message": "not_sms_capable", "reason": "badRequest" } ], "message": "not_sms_capable" } }

How to Setup Dialpad CTI in our Zendesk Sandbox

Hi, how do I get the clientID to setup Dialpad CTI iframe in our zendesk sandbox for testing purposes?

Target is not eligible for messaging

I am trying to send a test message using your API Reference and get the following error message: Target is not eligible for messaging I have tried sending the detailed request and response to [email protected], but the email keeps getting rejected as SPAM. I am not sure what I might be missing or what I need to do next for troubleshooting. Thanks, Eric.