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How would I get the Call ID of the call created from the [Users Call -- Initiate] API?

I get a device JSON object back from this request. How would I get the call ID of the call that is created for the user?

Dialpad Meetings Google Calendar Integration

When scheduling a meeting from the Dialpad Meetings app on a Macbook, I click on "Add to calendar Google Calendar" and get redirected to this page on Google Chrome (my default browser) <https://meetings.dialpad.com/googlecalendar/5936132120150016> And get the following message: Access to meetings.dialpad.com was deniedYou don't have authorization to view this page. HTTP ERROR 403 And of course, meeting invite is NOT sent!!! Argh.

Voice Mail API Trigger

Is there a way to trigger a Voice Mail Drop via API?

App lauch url

how to use below code in html dialpad://+15555555555?launchMinimode=1&confirmPhone=1&fromNumber=+15554444444&crmLogging=0&showDispositions=1&customData=this%20is%20a%20test

how to get the User ID for a phone number

how to get the User ID for a a specific phone number?

Webhook issues

I am using Postman and the published collection. I am not getting anything through to my Endpoint for an SMS or for a Call (that is probably an issues of the states which I can't seem to update). I did the webhook create which shows in the webhook List as: { "items": [ { "hook_url": "https://workflow-automation.podio.com/catch/XXXXXXXXeola", "id": "5061704510095360", "signature": {} } ] } I then created two Different Events which show as: SMS Event: { "items": [ { "direction": "outbound", "enabled": true, "id": "5495700889026560", "include_internal": false, "status": true, "target_id": "5105851807842304", "target_type": "office", "webhook": { "hook_url": "https://workflow-automation.podio.com/catch/1jvkxyc50v2eola", "id": "5061704510095360", "signature": {} } } ] } And a Call Event (which has an unfortunate set of states) { "items": \[ { "call_states": [ "transcription", "takeover" ], "enabled": true, "group_calls_only": false, "id": "6614276635115520", "target_id": "5105851807842304", "target_type": "office", "webhook": { "hook_url": "<https://workflow-automation.podio.com/catch/XXXXXXXXeola">, "id": "5061704510095360", "signature": {} } } ] } So test calls got me nothing but I assume that was due to the states so I tried to make a new event for the same webhook but got told that can't be done. I then tried to do a Call Event Update using the Reference guide but the following payload: { "call_states": [ "all" ], "enabled": true, "endpoint_id": "5061704510095360", "group_calls_only": "false", "target_id": "5105851807842304", "target_type": "office", "webhook_id": "5061704510095360" } Returned: { "error": { "code": 404, "errors": [ { "domain": "global", "message": "No endpoint found", "reason": "notFound" } ], "message": "No endpoint found" } } So no help there. Some guidance would be appreciated. I did confirm that the user is part of the office and the office is set up correctly via various API calls.


how can we fetch message details by ID?

Assign number to call center

Hello, I am trying to assign a number to a call router I created using the API through this API: <https://dialpad.com/api/v2/callrouters/{id}/assign_number> But I keep getting this error: The license group_lines for target 4717689342803968 is not available Why do I get this error and how do I fix it ?

Add contact label via API

Is there any way to add a contact label via API as one does via UI?

Add contact note via API

Is there any way to add a contact note via API as one does via UI?