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Rate Limits

Greetings! I've been doing some API testing on setting Call Center Agent statuses, and all was working swimmingly until I began to get this error: { "error": { "code": 400, "errors": [ { "domain": "global", "message": "Invalid change request", "reason": "badRequest" } ], "message": "Invalid change request" } } Even when I use the API test page here: https://developers.dialpad.com/reference/callcenterapi_updateoperatordutystatus I know my API key is good because it's working fine to retrieve information, it's just giving me this error when attempting to set status info. Can you tell me what may be causing this? Could I have run into a rate limit? Thanks for your help Bill

Is it possible to retrieve API resultset in JSON?

I was wondering if we can retrieve the call and SMS logs result set in JSON format instead of CSV?

Set Operator DND ON/OFF In A Callcenter

Hi all. Is this possible to be done? To set the DND ON/OFF os an Operator in a specific Callcenter? I only can see the options to completely Add or Remove the Operator. Any ideias? Thanks a lot!

Admin API to export call logs

Hi there, I couldn't find a doc describing how to make an API call to export call logs. Please help. Cheers, Keeyong

dialpad sms receive message

Hello, i am Jose. I am building an app using dialpad sms. sending the text message using the https://developers.dialpad.com/reference#smsapi_sendsms works ok. But, exist a way to get by code the response from the final user to this message?. For example i send by api to the number "12312321" the text "hello", and this user("12312321") in his phone give me an answer "hello back". The question is. How can i get this "hello back" for create a flow. I see that exist https://developers.dialpad.com/reference#smseventsubscriptionapi_listsmseventsubscriptions But i am not sure if this help me or how to implement. Because not exist documentation about this. How can i get more info?

retrieve calls

Is there an API endpoint to retrieve a list of calls? Looking for date range and contactId criteria to limit those results too.

Screen Pop for a custom CRM

How do I setup screen pop for a custom CRM system that my company is using? I would like Dialpad to open that CRM when a call is coming in and go to the page for the caller if it is known. Thanks.

Invitation email

Hi guys, is there any conf where we can decide which user gets an invite email when we create a user?

Hidding the dialpad window after hang up

Hello, Is there a configuration somewhere so that when a user finishes a call, the dialpad window closes? If not, is there a way with javascript for the browser window where the link is to launch dialpad to send and receive messages with the dialpad window? thanks

Dialpad SMS API

Hi there, I'm currently setting up a system that automatically sends out SMS texts through Dialpad's API, and everything is working properly except the formatting of the text. I cannot find a way to add a line break in the SMS text in JavaScript, using the \n character doesn't work. Rather than adding a new line it just adds a period. Is there a way to add a line break within the text? Thanks!