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Call center removal

I made a callcenter with the API, and I can't delete it. When I query the list, it's still there. I deleted the call centers in the GUI, and no luck.

Make (Integromat) - operation failed with an error. [403] Missing required scope(s):['screen_pop'].

Hi, I am trying an integration between Make and Dialpad, and I am trying to trigger a screen pop. I can get it to work via the Try it! function in the Dialpad API site without any issue. However when I use the exact same syntax with Make using a Dialpad Make an API call operation it fails with the above error message. Screen pop is in the scope for the API key, and the experiment has been enabled on the account.

Control over the call with API

Hello! We are working on integrating Dialpad API and all the opportunities of the desktop app into our web application. What I am currently facing is that we can integrate CTI but I wonder what options it exposes besides initiating a call. Is it possible to control the call namely: - Transfer the call - Put on hold - Mute yourself - Hang up the call A very essential thing is also to understand if those actions will be carried out by iframe or by using postMessage API (which is i think unlikely as there is only initiate_call method) I would highly appreciate if I could be provided with more information and examples how iframe works Thanks!

How to prevent Dialpad from creating local contacts automatically when placing a call through the CTI

When integrating with the CTI, whenever an employee makes a call through the CTI to a new contact, it creates a local contact automatically. I want to know if there's a way to prevent this behavior by default. The main problem with the aforementioned workflow is that whenever a local contact is created, and then a shared contact is created with the same number, all call events consumed from the call event webhook show the data of that local contact, not the shared contact that was created manually. Thank you

Webhook Not Receiving Requests

Hello, I've set up a webhook to receive and preanswer, ringing, and calling. At first I set it up without a specific call center targeted, and I wasn't receiving anything so I added the only call center the company has as the target, and I am still not seeing any requests coming through to my endpoint. We are trying to send call events to an externally available suitelet in NetSuite to be able to send back a screen-pop request with the customer information/page from NetSuite. Here is my call event subscription: { "items": [ { "call_states": [ "calling", "ringing", "preanswer" ], "enabled": true, "group_calls_only": false, "id": "6255762592399360", "target_id": "6355175510966272", "target_type": "callcenter", "webhook": { "hook_url": "https://8173650-sb1.extforms.netsuite.com/app/site/hosting/scriptlet.nl?script=1001&deploy=1&compid=8173650_SB1&h=b5fa4e759036e009cad2", "id": "6499209123364864", "signature": { "algo": "HS256", "secret": "MBSHPdialpad2023feb", "type": "jwt" } } } ] } Thank you, Tara

Preserve Message Unread Status

Hello, We use text messages to communicate with our employees. We have human associates who message the employees, and we send automated messages out over the same phone number. The problem I have is this: our operations team relies on the "unread" status to know if there is a new message that needs to be responded to. However, if an employee has an unread message sitting in our inbox, and an automated message goes out to that person, the "unread" status is reset, and now it appears to be a read message. But actually it has not been read. This has already hurt us by missing important messages, and we are planning to greatly expand the number of automated messages we send out as we automate the business more and more. However the problem of missing messages will get worse and worse if we go down this road. Is there a way to preserve the "unread" status when sending out a message via the API?

Forward User's Calls

How can I enable/disable a user's calls to be forwarded via the API, along with setting the destination number? I see that I can enable DND. There is also an option on User Update to set forwarding numbers, but this does not seem to be working for me. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Dialpad and SandBox

Hello, I want to know how DialPAd works with SandBox

401 error (no message)

request ``` curl --request GET \ --url 'https://dialpad.com/api/v2/users?state=active&limit=10' \ --header 'accept: application/json' \ --header 'authorization: Bearer ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????DCrF6WJa' ``` response ``` { "error": { "code": 401, "errors": [ { "domain": "global", "message": "", "reason": "required" } ], "message": "" } } ``` I don't know why I got a 401 error. Office Name: 株式会社オロ OAuth App Name: dexeco (I emailed to change the name from dexeco to dxeco.)

Webhook/Subscription Expiration

Hello, Is there any automatic expiration/removal of webhooks or subscriptions, or do these remain active indefinitely? Thanks!