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Best approach for routing and sharing information with recipient of call

We understand that we can add a custom router via API and, from there, perform database lookups and business logic to figure out who we want to send the call to. We can even use Ask to validate the caller based on a PIN or other information they may know. This would all be performed on one of our servers when the call came in.

The question is, after figuring out who to route the call to and who the caller is

  1. Can the call router somehow pass this relevant information on to the recipient of the call? It would be ideal to pass the URL for the contact in our system, as well as the URL for their case. I only see the ability to drop or forward the call.
  2. Assuming we can pass this information in some way, can we initiate a pop up screen or browser pointed at our CRM / case management system when our staff answers the routed phone call? Our CRM is web based but is not one of the already supported ones. We are looking for this on inbound calls. We are not looking for a dialer.

And is there some better way to achieve this goal? It seems like the webhooks provide monitoring and reporting information but do not provide call flow control. That is what the call router is for. We’re new to Dialpad so may be missing some obvious answer.

Thanks in advance,