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Is it possible to create a call without ringing?

I'm doing requirements gathering for a new integration with Dialpad, so please forgive me if this obvious somewhere.

I see the API endpoint to initiate a call via Ring (https://developers.dialpad.com/reference/callcall). I assume this means that when the endpoint is called, it will first ring the user's device, and once the user answers, then it will dial out to the contact. And I assume that if the user doesn't answer their device, the call doesn't go out to the contact at all. First, I'd like to confirm that my assumptions are correct?

Second, I'd like to know if there is an option to just dial out to the contact from the user's device without first ringing the user's device. I know that this opens up a potential problem where the contact could be on the phone with an empty desk on speakerphone. Our clients understand this risk and are willing to accept it. But I don't see any documentation suggesting that this option exists.

This is similar to RingCentral's CallOut function (as opposed to RingOut).