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Incoming Call Screen Pop Ups

Dialpad has added to my account the ability to enable screen pop ups for calls. I'm being told by Dialpad it's possible for them to create browser tab pop up for inbound calls by matching the caller ID of the inbound call with the same matching number in my CRM system, EZLynx. I've received from EZLynx the URL formatting needed to allow that to happen, and all that needs added to that URL is Dialpad's "custom phrase". Dialpad support has been working on this but every attempt has been unsuccessful and they have recommended me here to further troubleshoot the formatting.

This is what EZLynx provided:


Give them the Base URL below. It does not include the Custom Search Phrase. The custom search phrase is added by the individual phone provider.


What is a Custom Search Phrase?

A custom search phrase is unique to each phone provider, but it's usually something like…. %%caller_number_raw%%
The EZLynx preferred final output of the search phrase is the 10-digit phone number with no dashes; for example “2145555555”

Example of the final URL result in EZLynx:


When I click on the hyperlink provided by EZLynx as a final URL example, it does launch a new browser tab and tries to match their dummy phone number to one in my account. I believe all that is needed is a custom phrase from Dialpad that will cause the inbound phone number to be searched in EZLynx.

Dialpad provided me with the potential parameters:

Supported parameters:
%TN - Target Number. E164 phone number of the User/Agent or Group calling or being called.
%TD - Target Display Number.
%TI - Target ID. Dialpad ID of the User/Agent or Group receiving or placing the call.
%CN - Customer/Contact Number. E164 phone number of the customer calling or being called.
%CD - Contact Display Number.
%CI - Customer/Contact ID. Only available for known Dialpad contacts.

My trouble is I can't seem to utilize one of these parameters in the final URL to add to Dialpad that actually works.

Could someone please help me in formatting this final URL to accomplish what I'm looking for?