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Sending SMS from a specific number of a call centre

I have a call centere where there are currently 5 registered phone numbers ["+1855...”, "+1786...", "+1512...", "+1617...", "+1917...”] each being associated with a different US State (with the exception of the 1-855). When we send an SMS to a client we would like to use the number belonging to their state so that all future communications are from a local number. However, each time we try to send a test SMS, it gets sent from the same phone number: "+178...”. I was told this is because that phone number is the first number in the list that can send an SMS (since the 1-855 can’t send texts), and so Dialpad defaults to that.

So far we have tried sending the SMS via API and via Pabbly Connect where the from_number was set to : "+1917...” .

Is there a way to force Dialpad to use a specific number from the call center list when sending an SMS?