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Testing SMS integration with sandbox account


Our company provides Dialpad Voice call integration to our customers. Our customers will be able to convert incoming/outgoing calls from Dialpad to tickets

We are using a sandbox account and there is no provision of adding phone numbers to departments and contact centers. To test our integration for incoming calls, we had to follow a workaround of routing calls that happen on the mainline number to a contact center. Even though it doesn't seem straightforward we managed to test call webhooks registration and its working by following this workaround

Now we are working on providing SMS support to our Dialpad integration. Customers must be able to create tickets upon Incoming/Outgoing SMS in Dialpad. How do we go about testing the SMS flows with the sandbox account as there are no phone numbers? We tried sending the SMS'es to the mainline number but the SMS webhooks are not getting triggered?

Kindly suggest a way forward