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SMS messages not routing correctly

Hi there, I have dialpad sms and calls set up in my application. It works MOST of the time however recently I had two instances where the sms were not sent correctly. How I have it set up is that we have contact centres with individual dialpad numbers inside related to clients. When a call comes in it goes to the dialpad number (client), and then is answered at the contact center level by a user. I can text directly from the app and have it set up to send texts from the contact centre level and uses the current call information to record which dialpad number to send the sms from, to which people reply and users can reply from in dialpad.

However over the weekend a text was sent out from the account phone number, so when it got a responds it went directly to the account holders phone or mainline office, not the dialpad contact center.

Also usually when we send a text from our app there is record of it in dialpad, for this instance however there is no record, but can tell it was sent because we received a response.

We can't have messages being sent from this number, however I do not have it connected to function like this at all, and wanted to get some insight on why this is being sent from this number and how to prevent this.