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Dark Mode

Is there a way to change the aesthetics for dialpad

Operator Idle Time

On the Dialpad dashboard screens there is a column called Status showing how long an operator has been on a call or idle. Can I get this idle time from any of the API endpoints?

Call control via API

Hi Do you support any call control via the API, or have any plans to? Anything, even "Hangup"? Thanks

Contacts Not Appearing in GET Reponse

Hello, I can see on the DialPad App that the results returned when I search in the "Search Contacts and Messages" bar include contacts I've created through the API, though when I use the Contact -- List GET request, I don't receive contacts that were not created through the API. How can I return company-wide contacts from the Contact -- List GET request?

400 Error** Multiple recipients are not allowed if the sender is not an individual user

Getting error while calling send sms api with multiple recipients.

302 Cors error failed to fetch streaming voice call recordings

Hi Support team, hope your are all doing great, we are using the following documentation to stream recorded audios in our platform Playvox: https://developers.dialpad.com/reference/callget_call_info https://developers.dialpad.com/reference/recording_share_linkcreate We are having problems making the request with a 302 cors response. We researched the documentation with not sucess results. What would be the standard or supported form to stream recorded audios? Is there any limitation due we are using a trial/beta account? Please see attached screenshots below: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17hzCOzwXYfB1v6Dg8dSw8CKkKYl8z9X9?usp=sharing

get the User ID for a phone number (the previous thread discussing this is outdated)


window. postmessage on the dialpad mini dialer

Hello Team, can I get an example of how to use the postMessage, a working one. I tried using postMessage( { "api": "opencti_dialpad", "version": "1.0", "method": "initiate_call", "payload": { "phone_number": "+15555555555", "custom_data": "1234" } } )

Contact lookup API

Do you offer Contact lookup API to display contact details on screen when a call is created or received? For example Aircall offers a hook that allows us to send additional details from CRM which is then displayed on the Dialer screen https://developer.aircall.io/tutorials/send-insights-to-agents/ We are looking for a similar functionality in Dialpad but can't find any mention of this in the API docs.

API code handed out appears incompatible with RestSharp 107

The C# API code for Dialpad Number List appears entirely wrong when used with latest version of RestSharp which is 107 Some problems: a. the deprecate request.AddHeader b. IRestResponse does not exist anymore c. There is not RestClient.Execute method in the latest RestSharp. Here are the docs, more information about porting: https://restsharp.dev/v107/#headers Any chance to have Dialpad get the dialpad C# API ported to work with the latest RestSharp? I don't like having to use old packages. I am also not sure what version of RestSharp I should go back to.