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API docs request

Do we have other docs to get and filter calls list based on phone number of participant like dialpad.com/api/call/search and get sms also?

api keys

I cant create the api keys I keep writing to support and no one has replied.

List of Duty Status Reasons for Call Center Operators

Hello! For the, `/callcenters/operators/{id}/dutystatus` endpoint, Is there a list of the values `duty_status_reason` can return? Is there a duty status reason that would indicate that a call center operator was set to an off duty status because of a missed call? Thank you!

Account Sandbox

hello good afternoon where can i get a sanbox account? and how can I generate an API Key follow the steps of the dashboard <https://developers.dialpad.com/docs/api-key-generation> but for some reason it doesn't show me the module "Authentication".

Convert inbound caller number to Name

Hi there, I'd like to have inbound callers come up with their name rather then a number. I can setup something to ping the database on any call inbound. Is there an api endpoint that can get a call ID and disguise it as a String name instead of the number calling in? If not, is there another method that would allow this. I've tried to add shared contacts as they call in but that doesn't seem to work if they exist and call it still comes up as a number. Also checking whether a person exists in dialpad every time they call doesn't seem viable

Access denied to create subscription to state 'admin_recording'.

What scope is required to create a subscription on admin_recording?

Calls from the same flow have different direction

We've noticed that occasionally we will have a call flow whose entry point segment is in one direction (i.e. outbound) but all the other segments in that call flow are in the other direction (inbound). What can cause this to happen?

External messaging blocked, not a2p registered

i am using api in php on my local pc its work fine but when i move my code to live server its showing error External messaging blocked, not a2p registered". Please help what i am doing wrong?

Get voicemail_id

Hello! Trying to figure out how to get voicemail_id in order to create a sharable link. API link - <https://developers.dialpad.com/reference/recording_share_linkcreate> The thing is that I didn't find a way to retrieve it, I've subscribed webhook and call getting events, but the only thing I see is call id and voicemail recording link. Please, assist, thanks in advance.

Rest endpoint to get all status changes for an Agent (without a subscription)

Hi, We are trying to get some specific data from dailpad regarding our agents. I know that I can subscribe to change of agent status, but I am wondering if there is also a REST Endpoint available to just receive a list with all the updates? (Ideally with some query options). With this, we can build an initial data source of agent changes, we don't miss events if our service would be down which is responsible for the webhook. Thanks in advance!