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Dialpad SMS API

Hi there, I'm currently setting up a system that automatically sends out SMS texts through Dialpad's API, and everything is working properly except the formatting of the text. I cannot find a way to add a line break in the SMS text in JavaScript, using the \n character doesn't work. Rather than adding a new line it just adds a period. Is there a way to add a line break within the text? Thanks!

Get Call Result

Hi, We are looking into integrating dialpad into our custom built CRM. We have been playing with the API to place outbound call which works great. I am wondering that the recommended solution would be to get a calls result? Ideally what we would like to do is after the user hangs up the phone our CRM would present them with an option to log the call along with different notes and the call status. Thanks,

Dailpad integration with custom CRM.

Does Dialpad provides call receive and sms receive Api? Does call recording charge extra in enterprise plan?.If dialpad provide call receiving Api then how can I integrate with my custom CRM?

Screen Pop for a custom CRM

How do I setup screen pop for a custom CRM system that my company is using? I would like Dialpad to open that CRM when a call is coming in and go to the page for the caller if it is known. Thanks.

Can you get access to the transcribed CSAT verbatim via the API?


How do I get access to Sandbox for my developer to develop API?

Repeated requests to support for access to a feature included in my plan have not borne fruit. Always "waiting for engineers".

SMS Text Line Break

This is Andrew again, I was unable to access the previous discussion board I made. About adding a line break in the SMS text, I've pinpointed the issue; here's our code: const data = { user_id: '1234', text: "Dialpad demo today!\rThis should be another line", to_numbers: ['+18883334444'] }; sending this data to two of my teammates phones, who both have iPhones, works perfectly. The \r character returns a new line. However, I have a Google Pixel 3a, and everytime I receive the text on my phone it is not formatted properly. There is no line break. Any way we could get help with this? Our team has no guarantee that our clients will have iPhones and not another type of smartphone.

Rate Limiting

Is there documentation of your rate limiting scheme?

Create webhook

How can I get in contact with the dialpad team to set up a hook_url for my company?

Recording event not showing up

Hello, I am on a pro plan and have created company level API key and added recording scope to it. I have created event subscription for call events (connected, hangup, transcription, recording) I can place outbound calls with the API and enable recording and transcription for that call using API. I get events on my webhook for call connected and hangup. However, i am not getting the events for transcription and recording. When i go to the agent desktop, the transcription and recording are present after the call. Its just that those events dont show up at my webhook. Could you please help? Thanks Shalini