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Dialpad SMS API

Hi there, I'm currently setting up a system that automatically sends out SMS texts through Dialpad's API, and everything is working properly except the formatting of the text. I cannot find a way to add a line break in the SMS text in JavaScript, using the \n character doesn't work. Rather than adding a new line it just adds a period. Is there a way to add a line break within the text? Thanks!

Dark Mode

Is there a way to change the aesthetics for dialpad

Where is My User_ID

Am trying to work with developer api. I dont know how to get my user_id. Please show me where to get user_id, is it user email, phone or what?

Create webhook

How can I get in contact with the dialpad team to set up a hook_url for my company?

Screen Pop for a custom CRM

How do I setup screen pop for a custom CRM system that my company is using? I would like Dialpad to open that CRM when a call is coming in and go to the page for the caller if it is known. Thanks.

retrieve calls

Is there an API endpoint to retrieve a list of calls? Looking for date range and contactId criteria to limit those results too.

Access to screen_pop_api

Hi Dialpad support - We are just beginning to build out our internal integration and would like to use the Screen Pop feature. Currently requests to the https://dialpad.com/api/v2/users/{id}/screenpop endpoint result in a 403 error (below). It seems we may need to be granted access. Note: our ApiKey does have the screen_pop scope. { "error": { "code": 403, "errors": [ { "domain": "global", "message": "User nnn is not in experiment screen_pop_api", "reason": "forbidden" } ], "message": "User nnn is not in experiment screen_pop_api" } } Thanks! -Paul

Dailpad integration with custom CRM.

Does Dialpad provides call receive and sms receive Api? Does call recording charge extra in enterprise plan?.If dialpad provide call receiving Api then how can I integrate with my custom CRM?

Api to get the call logs in the given period of time

Is there any api to get the call logs in the given period of time, with call details and call recordings