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When a SMS Event occor Create record in Dialpad SMS Log Custom Object in Salesforce.

When ever a user send and received inbound and outbound message to customer. I want to create a record with inbound and outbound with all the details into salesforce object. What approach I need to follow to capture all SMS event into salesforce and create records ?

API using Zapier to transfer call data to a Google Sheet

Hi. I wanted to transfer my call analytics such as number of calls made per day, inbound and outbound, and call length over to a google sheet at the end of the day. I have tried using Zapier to do so, but I can not find the correct variables to utilise and use to transfer them over. Where do I look for them? Or is there another way to do this?

Error 400

Getting Error 400 for non-US numbers { "error": { "code": 400, "errors": [ { "domain": "global", "message": "bad_request", "reason": "badRequest" } ], "message": "bad_request" } }

Screen pop -trigger in Oauth App

We are using the OAuth App. When should this screen popup API be triggered to get incoming call details? Should we create a callEvent on call_states='ringing', then use <https://developers.dialpad.com/reference/screen_popinitiate> or what process should we implement to use this ScreenPop API?

Outgoing calls, recording

We have call recording automatically enabled for all calls. Our system records incoming and not outgoing calls. How do we enable call recording for both incoming and outgoing calls.

Stats - Initiate Processing - Getting Same Report

I'm attempting to build our own internal dashboard using the stats, however I'm running into a bug where I keep getting the same download_url when initiating a report request. If I use '<https://dialpad.com/api/v2/stats'> with the same parameters, I get a response such as: { "already_started": true, "request_id": "4c02e3c6-a0fd-4bdc-a6aa-31887588ef7f" } The already_started value will remain regardless of the time waited and if the report has indeed finished processing. The issue is when I do a get results request using the request_id, I get the same download_url as I have received in the past. The API states a rate limit of 200 per hour. I'm calling the initiate processing api once per minute, well below the rate limit. Is there a cache period in the background I'm unaware of?

Webhook not receiving events

Hi I created a webhook and subscribed for events and I am unable to receive the data. webhook ids: 6461601519583232, 6401739364319232 Any help is appreciated. I created the api controller method that reads data from the request body subscription event: { "call_states": [ "recap_summary", "calling" ], "enabled": true, "group_calls_only": false, "id": "4923468705513472", "webhook": { "hook_url": "<https://mydomain.com/dialpadapi/dialpadwebhook/receiveevent">, "id": "6461601519583232", "signature": { "algo": "HS256", "secret": "xxxxxxxxxxxx", "type": "jwt" } } } <br /> My Api Controller ``` [HttpPost] [Route("ReceiveEvent")] public async Task ReceiveEventAsync() { try { _logger.LogInformation(Request.Body) ``` ``` } catch (Exception ex) { _logger.LogError(ex, "Error Receiving Webhook Event"); } } ``` <br /> <br /> Any help is appreciated <br /> Thanks Vivek

How to disconnect dialpad voice call using API.

Hi there, I am using java language and spring mvc framework. - Kindly help me understand how to disconnect dialpad voice call using API. - Do I need to initiate the call using create call router if I need to disconnect the call? - Is call routing only option to disconnect the call? - If there is any repo available having dialpad code in java then please share it.

User create API now returns errors "reserved phone number required"

User create API used to work fine, but recently it started returning an error. User create API does not have a "reserved phone number" parameter, so what kind of improvement is needed to address this? auto_assign is false.

Is there a way for my icon in the task bar to show I am on DND?

I tend to forget to take DND off in the morning and have gone half a day with out realizing its on. Either put an x thru it or change colors or just anything to show DND is on would be great.