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API for scheduling?

If I want to do an integration to cal.com (i.e. calendly), can't figure out how to do the integration w/ calendar scheduling.

Local Contact created instead of Shared Contact

Creating a contact without `owner_id` is creating a local contact for me. How do I resolve this?

Contacts not created as Group Contact

I'm creating contacts under a department in my organization when they sign up for our service. The issue is that sometimes these contacts will be created as an individual personal contact for every single person in the organization instead of a group contact. I've tracked the POST requests and I feel very confident nothing is changing on our end. What could possibly be going on? This is causing a lot of headache for our org.

App Launch URL to specific user SMS

Looks like the documentation only shows the ability to launch the app to dial. Is there an option to launch it in an SMS history with a specific user?

Call id list API

How can I list all IDs, which made by my company's users data? The API just allow me to fetch the call data, and requires the call_id The problem is, I can't get the call_id from any API could you please provide it?

Are there APIs for capturing data on DP Meetings?

I'd like to capture data on DP Meetings such as talk-time, keywords, action items, etc, but I don't see anything in the API docs about meetings, except to list what meetings have taken place in a given conference room. Am I looking in the wrong place?

sms event subscription

Hello, I'm using sms event subscription to push all incoming+outgoing messages to a webhook and I'm running into a weird issue where all the messages get pushed 3 times. Please advice on how to debug this issue. Best, Aneesh

Dark Mode

Is there a way to change the aesthetics for dialpad

Operator Idle Time

On the Dialpad dashboard screens there is a column called Status showing how long an operator has been on a call or idle. Can I get this idle time from any of the API endpoints?

Call control via API

Hi Do you support any call control via the API, or have any plans to? Anything, even "Hangup"? Thanks