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Is it possible to create a call without ringing?

I'm doing requirements gathering for a new integration with Dialpad, so please forgive me if this obvious somewhere. I see the API endpoint to initiate a call via Ring (https://developers.dialpad.com/reference/callcall). I assume this means that when the endpoint is called, it will first ring the user's device, and once the user answers, then it will dial out to the contact. And I assume that if the user doesn't answer their device, the call doesn't go out to the contact at all. First, I'd like to confirm that my assumptions are correct? Second, I'd like to know if there is an option to just dial out to the contact from the user's device without first ringing the user's device. I know that this opens up a potential problem where the contact could be on the phone with an empty desk on speakerphone. Our clients understand this risk and are willing to accept it. But I don't see any documentation suggesting that this option exists. This is similar to RingCentral's [CallOut](https://developers.ringcentral.com/api-reference/Call-Control/createCallOutCallSession) function (as opposed to [RingOut](https://developers.ringcentral.com/api-reference/RingOut/createRingOutCall)).

Best approach for routing and sharing information with recipient of call

We understand that we can add a custom router via API and, from there, perform database lookups and business logic to figure out who we want to send the call to. We can even use Ask to validate the caller based on a PIN or other information they may know. This would all be performed on one of our servers when the call came in. The question is, after figuring out who to route the call to and who the caller is 1) Can the call router somehow pass this relevant information on to the recipient of the call? It would be ideal to pass the URL for the contact in our system, as well as the URL for their case. I only see the ability to drop or forward the call. 2) Assuming we can pass this information in some way, can we initiate a pop up screen or browser pointed at our CRM / case management system when our staff answers the routed phone call? Our CRM is web based but is not one of the already supported ones. We are looking for this on inbound calls. We are not looking for a dialer. And is there some better way to achieve this goal? It seems like the webhooks provide monitoring and reporting information but do not provide call flow control. That is what the call router is for. We’re new to Dialpad so may be missing some obvious answer. Thanks in advance,

API to get users' voicemail

Hello Dialpad devs! We routinely audit our users' voicemails to make sure they are in line with our company guidelines. A way to be able to audit those without needing to give someone full admin access to proxy the account would be great. I know nothing about API development, but if I could call an API and it return an mp3 of someone's currently recorded voicemail, that would be amazing! Thank you for your consideration.

Bulk updating

Is there anyway to call apis in bulk? LIke call callcenter operator removed for all call centers and then add one back?

POST from Hubspot to Dialpad

Hello, I am trying to create a POST from Hubspot to Dialpad. I reviewed their article here but I might have something missing. Can you help? https://developers.dialpad.com/reference/contactscreate

Assign / Unassign event

Hi, Is there a way to subscribe to events of assigning and unassigning phone numbers to/from users (not contacts)? We want to track the primary phone number in our system and so far we can't see a better way of doing that other than polling for the current phone number assignment via API. Are we missing the obvious? Cheers, - Aleks

I need help building a database

I own a body shop call Mr. trust collision center in Los Angeles, California. We need help creating a database, where when a customer called him to our Dialpad if their number is in our database, it will retrieve all their information regarding to the input fields that we had previously created and if it’s a new caller, it is disability to input feels to store the information if that caller called again basically what we need FIELD for is name address email I am ever adjuster in the image ability to upload

Question about Calls

We are performing some tests with the endpoint: Call -- Initiate via Ring. The question is, can we make calls to any destination in USA through this endpoint or can we only make calls to numbers that have Dialpad account?

retrieve SMS thread

We have integrated DialPad with our custom built CRM and can text directly from the CRM with no error. What I'm trying to do now is to retrieve the SMS message thread (probably on a daily basis). Ideally, we would create a script that would log on the DialPad through the API and download all messages (including body) from the previous day (inbound and outbound). I've seen the documentation on Event Subscriptions, but I require more detail if it's available. Thank you.

Call center removal

I made a callcenter with the API, and I can't delete it. When I query the list, it's still there. I deleted the call centers in the GUI, and no luck.