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Access denied to create subscription to state 'admin_recording'.

What scope is required to create a subscription on admin_recording?

Calls from the same flow have different direction

We've noticed that occasionally we will have a call flow whose entry point segment is in one direction (i.e. outbound) but all the other segments in that call flow are in the other direction (inbound). What can cause this to happen?

External messaging blocked, not a2p registered

i am using api in php on my local pc its work fine but when i move my code to live server its showing error External messaging blocked, not a2p registered". Please help what i am doing wrong?

Get voicemail_id

Hello! Trying to figure out how to get voicemail_id in order to create a sharable link. API link - <https://developers.dialpad.com/reference/recording_share_linkcreate> The thing is that I didn't find a way to retrieve it, I've subscribed webhook and call getting events, but the only thing I see is call id and voicemail recording link. Please, assist, thanks in advance.

Rest endpoint to get all status changes for an Agent (without a subscription)

Hi, We are trying to get some specific data from dailpad regarding our agents. I know that I can subscribe to change of agent status, but I am wondering if there is also a REST Endpoint available to just receive a list with all the updates? (Ideally with some query options). With this, we can build an initial data source of agent changes, we don't miss events if our service would be down which is responsible for the webhook. Thanks in advance!

Allowed message_content_export, still not getting "text" in the payload

"text" key is missing in the payload { "direction": "inbound", "enabled": true, "id": "", "include_internal": , "status": , "target_id": "", "target_type": "", "webhook": { "hook_url": "", "id": "", "signature": {} } }, Please help!

Outbound Hangup Event subscription - no longer receiving second payload with custom property

Hi Support, We are subscribed to the hang-up event webhook. For outbound calls initiated within our own software, we send a customData property to the Dialpad endpoint URL before making the call through Dialpad. After hangup occurs, we would normally receive 2 payloads. The first with \[target][type] == department, Then a second with [target][type] == user - containing the sent custom_data property as below: [custom_data] => Array ( [protocol_url] => 1590606 ) It seems we are no longer receiving the second payload which contains our customData property. This issue began last week. Can someone please assist ASAP. Much appreciated, David.

Sending SMS Messages in Excel

Is it possible to receive a sample excel file set up to send a list of 75 sms messages? I am trying to add sms reminders to go along with the email reminders I directly send customers through excel advising them of their next house cleaning service. I am fairly proficient with VBA code, just not familiar with API http requests and how to set up the API Key, or what the code looks like. Alternatively if I could send a list compiled of 75 reminders using Postman, how would I set up a JSON POST? What would the http address be, the headers, and how would the raw data in the body appear for multiple messages }, Thanks in advance for your help!!

Where is the v1 api documentation?

I tried this link, but it gives me a blank page. <https://developers.dialpad.com/v1.0-archive/reference>

Unable to connect to a Dialpad web socket - "(429) Too Many Requests" error (it worked before)

Hello! We have a Windows desktop application that subscribes to the Dialpad call events via Websockets. For about 3 months it worked without any issues. Since the last Friday on the attempt to connect to a web socket we got this error "The remote server returned an error: (429) Too Many Requests.". I did not find any information about the Dialpad web sockets connection limits. We have about 20-25 users working in the system simultaneously who share the same web socket (the subscription is unique per user). Also, our application automatically tries to connect again 60 seconds after unsuccessful connection attempt or when an existing web socket connection is lost. The web socket url we are using starts with "wss://platform-websockets-6kqb5ajsla-uc.a.run.app/events/". Please advise how we can solve this issue.