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Outbound MMS with text does not generate SMS event for text

We were testing MMS messages that include images and text, for inbound we do get one SMS event for each image as well as one for the text, for outbound we are only getting the SMS events for the images, the one for the text is missing.

User Call History

Hi there, I am wondering if it is possible to get all of the call history from a user. For example I have an old employee and I want to get the call history that they made for the past 6 months as a download file. Thank you for any help.

Can API provide completed historical call records?

I would listing of calls (and some details) for a date range (last month, etc). I have read through the API, FAQs, etc. and understand the principles of WebHooks, and call events. But what if my App stop running and I missing some call events. Can I get yesterdays call records from the API? For example: https://dialpad.com/api/vx/callrecords?startdate=2022-10-10&enddate=2022-10-15

Create Contact event

Hi Support! i'm using the event https://developers.dialpad.com/reference/webhook_contact_event_subscriptioncreate with webhook. but when i create a contact in Dialpad App, the webhook is not call. please check if i am doing anything wrong?

SMS received webhook

I have created an SMS inbound subscription event which triggers my webhook when a user sends us a message but the webhook is called for every activity by the Dialbot as well. Is there an event which will be triggered only if we receive an SMS from a user and not from Dialbot for every activity?

POST - SMS returns error for user_ID

I continually get this error for the required user_id field when trying to POST SMS (https://dialpad.com/api/v2/sms) Error parsing ProtoRPC request (Unable to parse request content: Message CombinedContainer is missing required field user_id) I am formatting this call in the body of the request '{ "user_id": xxxxxxxxxxxx }' Any ideas? It's just an single value integer so I wouldn't think it needs special treatment Oddly, I can get a successful call through Postman so I'm unsure if there's header of some type that I'm missing that Postman is automatically adding

Bad requets when send an SMS from API

Hi, I'm trying to send an SMS through the API but I always get 400 error with the below response:- { "error": { "code": 400, "errors": [ { "domain": "global", "message": "bad_request", "reason": "badRequest" } ], "message": "bad_request" } }

websocket returns "The api key is not valid" again.

I have inquired before. (https://developers.dialpad.com/discuss/6344fa67e0ffd30077a0ca9b) Also now returns "The api key is not valid". The only difference from last time is that the license has been changed from "Talk" to "Contact Center". I recreated the APIKEY. The key is valid because 1.2. is successful. What is wrong? ---- Test code and results (partially hidden) ----(for browser) <script> (async () => { var APIKEY = '*..*sgVd'; var headers = { Accept: 'application/json', Authorization: 'Bearer ' + APIKEY }; var res; //1. POST websockets res = await fetch('https://dialpad.com/api/v2/websockets', { method:'POST', headers:headers }); if (res.status != 200) throw 'err!!'; var ws = await res.json(); console.log('ws:' + JSON.stringify(ws)); //2. POST subscriptions_call res = await fetch('https://dialpad.com/api/v2/subscriptions/call', { method:'POST', headers:headers, body:JSON.stringify({ call_states:'ringing', enabled:true, endpoint_id:ws.id })}); if (res.status != 200) throw 'err!!'; var call = await res.json(); console.log('call:' + JSON.stringify(call)); //3. build url var url = ws.websocket_url.replace('{event_type}','call').replace('{event_id}',call.id); //4. connect to ws. console.log('connect:' + url); var c = 0; var w = new WebSocket(url); w.onopen = () => console.log('open!'); w.onclose = () => console.log('close!'); w.onmessage = (e) =>{ c++; console.log('message[' + c + ']' + e.data); if (c == 1){ //first time; console.log('send:' + APIKEY); w.send(APIKEY); } }; })(); </script> ---- ----result ws:{"id":"*..*0544","signature":{},"websocket_url":"wss://platform-websockets.uw.r.appspot.com/connections/*..*0544/{event_type}/{event_id}"} call:{"call_states":["ringing"],"enabled":true,"group_calls_only":false,"id":"*..*3520","websocket":{"id":"*..*0544","signature":{},"websocket_url":"wss://platform-websockets.uw.r.appspot.com/connections/*..*0544/{event_type}/{event_id}"}} connect:wss://platform-websockets.uw.r.appspot.com/connections/*..*0544/call/*..*3520 open! message[1]You are connected without a valid token, please send your api key for verification send:*..*sgVd message[2]The api key is not valid or does not have access to this subscription. close!

Dialpad phone numbers can they be set a primary or secondary?

Hi Team, I'm curious to know if the user has two phone numbers assigned, can we distinguish which one is primary and secondary? Thanks

API response timeout after 600 seconds

Hi, We are using dialpad stats api and pulling csat information. From last couple of days, we are seeing failures with read timeout error after 600 sec. Just you know, we are using sessions with API response timeout set to 15sec and we loop the response up to max 600 sec to get the completed response. Even after 600 sec the response is still in processing state resulting in timeout error. can you please help with your suggestions on resolving the timeout error? Thanks, Krishna