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How to get users(agents) information login time, log out

Hi I need to access the information about the users or agents log in and log out dates or status changes. How can I do this using the api? Thanks in advance.

Sandbox account dialer CTI unable to login (403)

Currently we are using dialpad sandbox account. We were also using the dialpad CTI mini dialer in one of our app. Today i reset the password of my sandbox account. Password reset was successful. Now if i tried to login into the cti mini dialer, even if i enter the correct credentials i am getting a 404 error stating Invalid redirect URI Our entire team is facing this issue. Please let me know of next steps

Making outbound call

I am trying to make an outbound call with the API using Call -- initiate via Ring. This call is being received by Dialpad and is showing whatever number I place in the "phone_number" payload. I need it to make a call from dialpad to the outbound number of my choosing. is this possible?

How can I get the sandbox API key?

I tried to create the sandbox API key for development, but I couldn't log in or signup to <https://sandbox.dialpad.com.> It is just saying "Federated login unauthorized" during signup, and I'm stuck on this. How can I log in to sandbox and create the sandbox API key?

Webhook call event not working for one user

Hello, I have dialpad integrated in my application - I have it where when a user calls the call information populates in the application. For one user it is not population correctly but then in a few calls it will populate with information from a previous call. The call event webhook is working properly for every other user. Just not this one user. Any suggestions on how to look into this?

Displaying external information regarding contacts in Dialpad

Hi guys, I was curious what is the go to methodology for displaying external CRM system data upon receiving a call? Would the general consensus be to create a webhook on call event in which when triggered fires a cloud function that calls the screen pop api for the user that is targeted to display the external CRM's details? Or is there any other methodology that people are utilising potentially the custom customer context? And if so how do you go about implementing this as there does not seem to be any api references for that specific functionality.

Question about hold time

I didn't see anywhere in the call log where I can distinguish at what point a call was placed on hold, only the number of times and length of time. I also did not see this in the call journey (as I assume the call journey is generated from the call log). Is there anywhere I can see this/query this information?


I am using sms api to send a sms... and I keep getting the following error ``` { "error": { "code": 400, "errors": [ { "domain": "global", "message": "bad_request", "reason": "badRequest" } ], "message": "bad_request" } } ```


I see there are what I assume to be API calls that can be placed on a user to set a voicemail escape digit on their voicemail. Is there documentation on how to use this call, what happens when the digit is pressed, etc?

Can we implement dialpad API for calling through Web application using IP phone in dotnet core

We want to implement calling functionality using third party API through IP phone in dotnet Application