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Prepopulate Mini Dialer

Hello, Is there any way to pre-populate a phone in the mini dialer without it dialing? initiate_call (<https://developers.dialpad.com/docs/dialpad-mini-dialer#initiate_call>) immediately dials the number which is problematic for our workflow. If not, can we please enter this as a feature request?

Call records not being returned in Stats request

Hi team, I'm trying to make a call to <https://developers.dialpad.com/reference/statscreate> to get reports on call recordings, but the returned data doesn't seem to include all the call recordings in the company. I can call the endpoint and get the response, but the only records that get included are those that are to or from a department. None of the calls to or from individual users seem to be included. I've tried including the user ID in the target_id section, and also just restricting to the whole office, but nothing seems to be working. Am I missing something obvious here? All the recordings are appearing in the Call History UI, so they are definitely being returned. Thanks

Detect a local call in progress

I'm looking for a way in local Windows scripting (Powershell preferred) to detect if a call is in the progress in the local Dialpad application. As documented, Dialpad doesn't work with VPNs unless they are split-tunneled. Dialpad doesn't provide network blocks so we have to use dynamic split tunneling. We are able to relaunch the Dialpad application as part of our VPN login script but business leaders are concerned about doing that while a call is in progress. One way that works (but only for admin users) is to check sleep requests as Dialpad makes a request to not sleep while a call is in progress. I've had thoughts about checking the connection table, or even Websockets but need some guidance. Thanks!

AI Recap for a call ID

Hi, I am trying to get AI Recap for a call id. Can you please let me know how can I get that information through api Thanks in Advance

websockets example to get recap

Hi I am trying to build an app to get recap using websockets and event subscriptions. Can you please let me know is there an example that i can refer to.

Identify Operator from CallCenter

Hi, I'm downloading the data from our CallCenters with the intention of showcasing the volume of calls & texts we make and receive. But also, I'd like to segment the total calls & texts by Operator so I can measure their individual productivity. I haven't found a way to differentiate which operator make or received each call or text. Is this even possible?

Screen Pop API "User Not In Experiement"

Hi, we would like access to the screen_pop_api. Based on previous questions here, Dialpad Support has to enable it on our account. Please go ahead and do so. Thank you

Cross Origin Issue with CTI

I have integrated Dialpad CTI in my hosted react webapp. I am able to make calls alright. Now i wrote a script to initiate calls using the contentWindow.postmessage() following the api docs. but i get Uncaught DOMException: Failed to read a named property 'globals' from 'Window': Blocked a frame with origin "<https://dialpad.com"> from accessing a cross-origin frame. How do I resolve this?

SMS messages not routing correctly

Hi there, I have dialpad sms and calls set up in my application. It works MOST of the time however recently I had two instances where the sms were not sent correctly. How I have it set up is that we have contact centres with individual dialpad numbers inside related to clients. When a call comes in it goes to the dialpad number (client), and then is answered at the contact center level by a user. I can text directly from the app and have it set up to send texts from the contact centre level and uses the current call information to record which dialpad number to send the sms from, to which people reply and users can reply from in dialpad. However over the weekend a text was sent out from the account phone number, so when it got a responds it went directly to the account holders phone or mainline office, not the dialpad contact center. Also usually when we send a text from our app there is record of it in dialpad, for this instance however there is no record, but can tell it was sent because we received a response. We can't have messages being sent from this number, however I do not have it connected to function like this at all, and wanted to get some insight on why this is being sent from this number and how to prevent this. <br /> Thanks

SMS Event Subscription (API) process

I'm using Zapier successfully with calls and contacts for integration and I want to work with SMS as well which requires me to create a webhook and then use that to create an SMS event subscription. My understanding is that the steps are these: 1. Create / get a webhook URL from Zapier (done) 2. Create a webhook for DialPad (creates webhook_id) by passing in the webhook url above, using this -> <https://developers.dialpad.com/reference/webhookscreate> (done) 3. Confirm that the webhook was created using -> <https://developers.dialpad.com/reference/webhookslist> 4. Create the SMS Event Subscription by passing in the new webhook_id (in the endpoint_id parameter) <https://developers.dialpad.com/reference/webhook_sms_event_subscriptioncreate> However I get this error at step 4: { "error": { "code": 409, "errors": [ { "domain": "global", "message": "You have created an event subscription **_XXXX_my_webhook_id_here_XXXX_** with same target and overlapping filters. Please do not create duplicated event subscriptions.", "reason": "conflict" } ], "message": "You have created an event subscription **_XXXX_my_webhook_id_here_XXXX_** with same target and overlapping filters. Please do not create duplicated event subscriptions." } } <br /> What am I doing wrong?