Access Control Policies

Access Control Policies (APIs)

This is an Early Access Program feature. Please contact your Customer Success Manager to request access.

Access Control Policies APIs allow Dialpad Company administrators to define a customized set of Ai Contact Center settings permissions that can be granted to their Dialpad users. These customized set of permissions are called policies and are composed of a permission_set, that determines the level of access and a target_type and target_id that determines the applicability of such policy (company, office, callcenter). Once a policy is created, it can then be assigned to users by referencing their ID.

Below are the currently supported permission_set values and their area of control.

permission_setDescription (Ai Contact Center)
SUPERVISOR_SETTINGS_WRITEAllows access to 'Admin and Supervisor Settings'
CHROME_EXTENSION_COMPLIANCE_SETTINGS_WRITEAllows access to 'Contact Center Recording Compliance Settings'
NAME_LANGUAGE_DESCRIPTION_WRITEAllows access to 'IVR, Voicemail and Ai Language' settings
NUMBERS_SETTINGS_WRITEAllows access to manage numbers and fax numbers
AGENTS_ADMINS_MANAGE_AGENTS_WRITEAllows access to manage 'Agents & Admins'
AGENTS_ADMINS_SKILL_LEVEL_WRITEAllows access to set Agent Skill Levels
BUSINESS_HOURS_WRITEAllows access to manage 'Business Hours'
CALL_ROUTING_HOURS_WRITEAllows access to manage 'Call Routing' options
HOLIDAY_HOURS_WRITEAllows access to manage 'Holiday Hours'
DIALPAD_AI_WRITEAllows access to 'Dialpad Ai' settings
INTEGRATIONS_WRITEAllows access to manage integration Settings
CSAT_SURVEYS_WRITEAllows access to manage 'CSAT Surveys'
DASHBOARDS_AND_ALERTS_WRITEAllows access to manage 'Dashboards and Alerts'
CC_CALL_SETTINGS_WRITEAllows access to 'Call Settings'
AGENT_SETTINGS_WRITEAllows access to 'Agent Settings'
AUTO_CALL_RECORDING_AND_TRANSCRIPTION_WRITEAllows access to 'Automatic Call Recording and Transcription'
CALL_BLOCKING_SPAM_PREVENTION_WRITEAllows access to 'Call Blocking & Spam Prevention'
CALL_DISPOSITIONS_WRITEAllows access to manage 'Call Dispositions'

Please refer to this Dialpad Help Center article for more information.