App Launch URLs


The launch URL can be used to invoke the Dialpad desktop application from any third party app or from a browser. Along with the capability, we provide functionality to change the app behavior before dialing.

Using the Protocol

The protocol for invoking Dialpad Everywhere is dialpad:// with the following optional parameters:

  • fromNumber: Allows you to switch the user's number from their assigned numbers
  • launchMinimode: Set 1 to always launch in Dialpad Everywhere
  • confirmPhone: Set 1 to always require the user to confirm the phone number in the Dialpad app
  • customData: Specify any data that you'd like to consume back in events
  • showDispositions: Set to 0 to suppress call dispositions in Dialpad
  • crmLogging: Set to 0 to suppress CRM logging from Dialpad

For example