Custom IVR Types

Dialpad offers the following types of interactive voice response (IVR) for customization.

IVR TypeDescription
GREETINGVoicemail greeting for open hours.
CLOSEDVoicemail greeting for closed hours.
MENUThe auto response menu script IVR for open hours. For example, press 1 for ... press 2 for..
CLOSED_MENUThe corresponding menu script for closed hours.
MENU_OPTIONRecorded message when user press a DTMF for open hours.
CLOSED_MENU_OPTIONRecorded message when user press a DTMF for closed hours.
NEXT_TARGETThe IVR when department is routed to other department or user.
DEPARTMENT_INTRODepartment introduction welcome greetings for open hours.
CLOSED_DEPARTMENT_INTRODepartment introduction welcome greetings for closed hours.
VM_DROP_MESSAGEVoicemail drop messages. Currently only for user.
VM_UNAVAILABLEThe recorded message when fallback menu or other routing option menu, for open hours.
VM_UNAVAILABLE_CLOSEDThe recorded message when fallback menu or other routing option menu, for closed hours.
AUTO_RECORDINGAuto recording prompt for call center.
CG_AUTO_RECORDINGAuto recording prompt for coaching group.
CSAT_QUESTIONCustomer Satisfaction survey (CSAT survey) - Ask your customers how satisfied they were with their experience today.
CSAT_PREAMBLECustomer Satisfaction survey (CSAT survey) - Let your customers know there will be a short survey at the end of their call.
CSAT_INTROCustomer Satisfaction survey (CSAT survey) - This message plays to the caller immediately after the Agent hangs up.
CSAT_OUTROCustomer Satisfaction survey (CSAT survey) - Plays after your customer's response has been received.
HOLD_INTROOn hold introduction welcome greetings.
HOLD_APPRECIATEThank you for continuing hold, played at the beginning of hold queue announcement except first time queued.
HOLD_WAITIVR for the case of 'please wait for next agent', which is played at the beginning of hold queue announcement.
HOLD_ESCAPE_VM_STARGives user option to press star button to escape hold.
HOLD_ESCAPE_VM_POUNDGives user option to press pound button to escape hold.
HOLD_CALLBACK_REQUESTGives user option to request a call back.
HOLD_CALLBACK_REQUESTEDPlay after user requests a call back.
HOLD_CALLBACK_FULFILLEDPlay after user answers a call back.
HOLD_CALLBACK_ACCEPTInstructs user to press 1 to accept a call back.
HOLD_CALLBACK_ACCEPTEDPlay after user accepts a call back.
HOLD_CALLBACK_REJECTInstructs user to press 2 to reject a call back.
HOLD_CALLBACK_REJECTEDPlay after user rejects a callback.
HOLD_CALLBACK_SAME_NUMBERInstructs user to press 1 to request a call back on the same number.
HOLD_CALLBACK_DIFFERENT_NUMBERInstructs user to press 2 to request a call back on a different number.
HOLD_CALLBACK_KEYPADInstructs user to enter the callback number on the keypad.
HOLD_CALLBACK_CONFIRM_NUMBERPlay before playing back the entered number.
HOLD_CALLBACK_CONFIRMInstructs user to press 1 to confirm the entered number.
HOLD_CALLBACK_TRY_AGAINInstructs user to press 2 to try entering the number again.
HOLD_CALLBACK_INVALID_NUMBERPlay if the number the user entered is invalid.
HOLD_CALLBACK_DIRECTPlay to the operator when the request is fulfilled with a direct callback.
HOLD_CALLBACK_UNDIALABLEInstructs user to enter a dialable number.