Agent Status Events

Agent Status events provide details on the status changes made by the call center agents of your company. Currently, agent status events can only be subscribed to an entire company.

Events are sent to a webhook that you (as a company admin or developer) provide. To get started, create a webhook using our API. Once you have a webhook, you can create an agent status event subscription.


Payloads sent to your will contain the following fields. If you have created your webhook with secret, the payload will be JWT encoded.

FieldData TypeDescriptionNotes
availability_statusstringIf the agent is available or not.There are two availability states- available if the user is not in DND mode AND not in a call/video call, otherwise
call_center_idslist of stringsA list of call centers to which the agent is currently on duty.For example, if agent is available to two call centers and they are ["1234", "5678"]. After agent toggle unavailable to "1234", the call_center_ids should just be ["5678"]
dateint (unix ms UTC)The time stamp when the current on_duty_status of an agent changed.
event_timestampint (unix ms UTC)Timestamp when the webhook event is generated.
on_duty_statusstringThe on duty status of call center agent.There are four on duty states - available, unavailable, occupied, wrapup.
on_duty_status_reasonstringThe customized reason the agent set when they go off duty.
powerdialer_modebooleanWhether or not the call center agent is in powerdialer mode.
powerdialer_sessionstringCurrent autodialer session ID.
targetobjectThis is the ‘target’ indicating which agent changed status.

The following fields are included:

email: Agent's primary email.
id: Agent's user ID.
name: Agent's full name.
phone_number: Agent's primary phone number (E.164 phone number).
type: Agent's type.

Sample payloads

  "call_center_ids": [
  "target": {
    "phone": "+123456789",
    "type": "user",
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "name": "nice agent",
    "id": 5728255400000000
  "on_duty_status": "unavailable",
  "powerdialer_session": null,
  "on_duty_status_reason": "snack break for 10",
  "powerdialer_mode": false,
  "date": 1620328863056,
  "availability_status": "unavailable",