SMS Event -- Create

Creates a SMS event subscription. A webhook_id is required so that we know to which url the events shall be sent. A SMS direction is also required in order to limit the direction for which SMS events are sent. Use 'all' to get SMS events for all directions. A target_type and target_id may optionally be provided to scope the events only to SMS to/from that target.

See for details on how SMS events work, including the payload structure and payload examples.

NOTE: To include the MESSAGE CONTENT in SMS events, your API key needs to have the
"message_content_export" OAuth scope for when a target is specified in this API and/or
"message_content_export:all" OAuth scope for when no target is specified.

NOTE: See for APIs that can operate on subscriptions that were created via the deprecated APIs.

Added on April 9th, 2021 for API v2.

Rate limit: 1200 per minute.

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